Become personally involved with your dream and make it a priority, or it will never become a reality.

Bob Proctor



Courage Umbrella online life coaching courses are aimed at individuals, communities and businesses wanting to reach their highest potential and live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Embark on a journey of self discovery and self mastery as you will unlock your true life purpose and that unique gift, that only you, bring to this world!

Life Coaching

With our programs you will:

  • Learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to let go of emotional blocks and limiting self beliefs that have been holding you back from living out your fullest potential.
  • Build new habits and techniques that will help you create the life you want and develop a real plan of action to turn your dreams into reality
  • Define clear goals and how to follow through.
  • Feel inspired and have a renewed passion for life, your personal
    relationships and your career.

1 on 1 and groups Life Coaching

Here we have limited slots for the individuals or groups, those who wants to work with us physically here in South Africa, Johannesburg to help them deliver on what the Life purpose and Mastery Adventure program is teaching and encouraging.


28 weeks Strength Training Program ™ ©

Get into shape, build strength and flexibility with our online and instudio workouts for individuals, couples or families with a qualified personal trainer that will keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. We cater for all levels of fitness, from basic workouts aimed at total beginners to more intense and challenging programs for advanced students.

1 on 1 Personal Training

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and the importance of the mind-body connection: a balanced diet has a positive effect on our anxiety and stress levels, and general mental health.

Our personalized nutrition programs are developed by our team of qualified dieticians to fuel your workouts and promote your overall health and vitality. Get the full benefit of a tailor made meal plan designed according to your current state of health, fitness and lifestyle, and achieve realistic diet